About Us

About us

At FurBuds, our mission is to provide comprehensive care for dogs and cats for families in the Opelika and Auburn communities of Alabama. From services that are designed to help you keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy, to orthopedic care for pets with joint issues, arthritis, or healing fractures, we have what you need to ensure that your pet feels their best!

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Our Story

Our vet clinic practice began as many do, with a passion for helping animals live happy, healthy lives. What sets our clinic apart from the rest, however, is the time we take to get to know your pet and help them to feel comfortable and safe while they’re in our care. Vet visits can be scary due to all kinds of smells, sounds, and a new environment that your cat or dog may be unfamiliar with, but we’re here to ensure that they don’t fear check ups, vaccinations, or physical therapy. We love your pets and know that they’re a crucial part of your family, so we treat them like family, too!

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Why Choose Us

Simply put, you should choose us because we’re passionate about your pets’ well-being. Whether it’s helping your aging dog find the strength and confidence to walk through our orthopedic services, or it’s boarding your cat so you know she’s in safe hands while you’re on vacation, our team is focused on providing amazing care and compassionate services for our clients.

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