Pet Exams

At FurBuds Veterinary, we offer a wide range of pet wellness services to help your furry friend live a long, healthy life. One way to ensure your pet stays healthy is with a pet health exam. Having your pet examined is a great way to prevent disease and injury as well as catch anything before it can become a huge problem. If you live in Opelika, Alabama, or the surrounding areas and are hoping to give your pet the best life possible, bring them in for a pet examination today!

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What is a Pet Exam?

A pet exam is more or less the same as going to the doctor once a year for a checkup to make sure you are in good health. At FurBuds, we ask you questions about your pet’s behavior, eating habits, exercise levels, elimination pattern (urination and bowel movements), as well as other questions surrounding the general health of your furry friend. Whether your pet is doing just fine or you have noticed sudden changes in any of these things, bring in your pet for a wellness exam today!

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Yearly Exams

For young dogs, cats, and other pets, we recommend you bring them in once a year for a pet health exam to make sure they are happy and healthy! If you are interested in our pet exams, feel free to reach out to us today! We are committed to providing you and your pet with some of the best pet exam services in Alabama and look forward to helping your furry friend live a long, healthy life!

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At FurBuds Veterinary Clinic, we love our clients — and by clients, we mean the dogs, cats, and other pets that we have the privilege of taking care of each and every day (as well as their owners). If you are looking to improve the health of your pet, our pet health examinations are one of the best ways to ensure your furry buddy stays healthy and that no health condition goes too long without being diagnosed. For more information about these services, reach out to us today!

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