When Does My Puppy Need to Be Vaccinated?

When Should I Vaccinate My Puppy?

There are few things more exciting than introducing a new puppy to your home. Between the puppy breath, the zoomies, and the plethora of toys you’re no doubt already acquiring, a new pup can bring unparalleled joy. But, they also come with their fair share of responsibility, one of the most important being their vaccination schedule. In this article, the experts at FurBuds Veterinary Clinic in Opelika, AL, will dive into some tips regarding your new friend’s vaccinations.


Start Planning Your Pup’s Shots Now

Like any animal, dogs are most vulnerable when they’re young. This is especially true when it comes to diseases. Distemper, kennel cough, and parvo are just a few of the many infectious diseases threatening your young pup. That’s why it’s essential to get their vaccinations scheduled as early as possible and keep them protected. Ideally, you’ll want to aim for no later than 6-8 weeks to get their first round of shots.


Visit a Pet Vaccination Clinic for Expert Care

You’ll also want to have a pet clinic that provides reliable, comprehensive wellness exams. At FurBuds Veterinary Clinic, we understand just how important this is, which is why we provide wellness exams and vaccination services tailored to your growing pup’s needs.


Stay Up-To-Date With Vaccinations as They Grow

There are a lot of factors that go into when your dog should get their vaccinations. These factors include age, breed, and health status. When you visit for your fur baby’s initial wellness exam, we’ll help you create a customized vaccination plan and schedule that fits your puppy’s specific needs.


Keep a Vigilant Eye on Their Well-Being

Ongoing vaccines are as important as those they get in their first year. They play a pivotal role in preventing rabies and other life-threatening conditions. Make sure to work with your vet on establishing an ongoing vaccination and exam schedule to keep your pup happy and healthy into adulthood and beyond.

At FurBuds Vet Clinic in Opelika, your pet’s well-being is always our top priority. Whether you have a new pup that needs its first round of vaccines, or an older good boy that needs ongoing care, we’re here to help. Contact our office today to set up your fur baby’s appointment.

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